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Law Enforcement-Private Security


Guidelines and Best Practices

Guidelines and Best Practices

Operation Partnership: Trends and Practices in Law Enforcement and Private Security Collaborations (2009)

Operation Partnership: Executive Summary (2009)

Selected Partnerships from Operation Partnership (2010)

Private Sector Resources Catalog, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (2010)

Crime Analysis for Problem Solving Security Professionals in 25 Small Steps, K. Vellani, Problem Oriented Policing Center (2010)

Center for Problem Oriented Policing (POP Center), with more than 60 guides for addressing crime and disorder, many on topics of concern to both private security and police

Lessons Learned Information Sharing (LISS), Department of Homeland Security/FEMA national online network of lessons learned, best practices, and innovative ideas in emergency management and homeland security

Operation Cooperation: Guidelines for Partnerships Between Law Enforcement & Private Security Organizations (2000)


David Neely,Partnering Against Anarchy,” Security Management, August 2010

Glen Mowrey, Increase Efficiencies, Reduce False Alarms, Public Management, International City Management Association, October 2010

Matthew J. Simeone, Jr., “Integrating Virtual Public-Private Partnerships into Local Law Enforcement for Enhanced Intelligence-Led Policing,” Homeland Security Affairs, Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security (2009)


Kevin Strom, et al., The Private Security Industry:  A Review of the Definitions, Available Data Sources, and Paths Moving Forward, Final Report, by RTI International for the U. S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics (2010)

ASIS Foundation Security Report:  Scope and Emerging Trends, Executive Summary (2007)

Neglected Defense: Mobilizing the Private Sector to Support Homeland Security (2006)

Final Report, Midwest Summit 2006, Economics of Disaster:  Enhancing Critical Incident Preparedness Through Public/Private Partnerships (August 2006

Homeland Security Information Sharing Between Government and the Private Sector, Private Sector Information Sharing Task Force, Homeland Security Advisory Council (2005)

Engaging the Private Sector to Promote Homeland Security: Law Enforcement-Private Security Partnerships (2005)

National Policy Summit: Building Security/Public Policing Partnerships to Prevent and Respond to Terrorism and Public Disorder--Vital Issues and Policy Recommendations (2004)


Law Enforcement & Private Security: On the Job Together (2008)

Operation Cooperation (2000)


Law Enforcement Liaison Council, ASIS International

Private Sector Liaison Committee, International Association of Chiefs of Police


Matthew Simeone ASIS Award for Public-Private Partnership Excellence

IACP Michael Shanahan Award for Public/Private Cooperation, sponsored by the Security Industry Association

Center for Problem-Oriented Policing Herman Goldstein Award for Excellence in Problem-Oriented Policing

MetLife Foundation/LISC Community-Police Partnership Awards

Team Up: Action Planner for Police-Security Partnerships

Try free, interactive training

This free, interactive online training focuses on LE-PS partnerships.

First it describes several
key features of actual partnerships:

  • types of partners
  • missions
  • problems addressed
  • benefits
  • leadership, structure, and resources
  • communication methods
  • challenges
  • successes

Next the training offers users a choice: start a partnership or strengthen an existing one. The decision takes users down different paths, providing information tailored to the choice.

Throughout the training, users are asked to input information relevant to their own situation. At the end, they receive a customized action plan for moving ahead. All information entered into the plan goes to the users. No one else receives it.